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How does this process work? 

Contact Holiday Creations to set up a design consultation. One of our designers can use a software program to manipulate a picture of your property to show you how it will look with lighting and decorating options. A variety of options can be presented to insure that you are satisfied with the design. Products are usually purchased through us, installed by one of our teams per your specifications, removed in January, safely stored in our warehouse, and serviced to ensure all of the materials are in proper working order for the next holiday season.


Do I have to choose just from the examples illustrated on your web site? 

Absolutely not. These are merely suggestions as, truth be told, no two projects are exactly the same. Our goal is to provide you with the lighting package you want. Options can be discussed with our design consultant at the time of your initial meeting. 


Do I need to sign a contract? 

No. You are not contractually obligated in any way to continue the service from year to year. If you are going to take a year off to travel, just inform us and we can store your products for a season. If you decide to move, there is a good chance that we can use some of your existing products on your new house. We do guarantee our prices for 3 seasons, but that is our guarantee to you, not yours to us. 


What is the difference between LED and incandescent? 

There are lots of differences, but which one is right for you is up to you, we can discuss this with samples at your house, and help you choose what is best for you. In general, if you are using colors or have a big project we recommend using LED lights, however if you want the “traditional look”, Incandescent lights will work perfectly. 

Download PDF - Why LEDs 


Are you insured? 

We carry a 2 million dollar umbrella and our workers are all “legitimate” and covered under Wisconsin workers compensation insurance. 


Why should you choose us? 

If the following priorities are important to you, we could be the right choice: 


Lighting is our business – not just something we do during the “off season”. THIS is what we do…we don’t plow snow, we don’t build decks, and we are not electricians looking for fill work. We are a lighting company. Period. As professionals, we take “extra” steps, like calculating the amount of electricity required so you avoid blown fuses, and hiding electrical cords so your display looks great even during the day. We take our business very seriously, value the happiness of our existing customers and realize how important it is for you to have your job done well – and right. 


Service – We realize this is a short season, with most scenes only being lit for 6 weeks. It's imperative everything is in top working order. We stand by the products we select, and therefore only select good ones. We are also able to maintain what we install.

Reliability – We have been decorating homes and businesses for the holidays for over a decade. In fact, Holiday Creations has absorbed customers from other companies that have decided this wasn't the business for them. We however are here to stay. 


Can I choose a specific date for my install? 

Ideally installs would all occur the day after Thanksgiving but that is not always possible. We begin installations in late October. Customers can choose to leave projects unplugged, allowing them to light their display at their convenience. Otherwise discounts are offered to customers choosing a later install date in December. We work diligently to satisfy all of our customers.

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